Thursday, April 8, 2010

Indian Bridal Face Mask: How to Get Radiant Skin for Your Wedding

Indian women are known to use tumeric face masks to brighten their skins - most Indian women in India use natural homemade face masks as part of their regular beauty regime. One famous Indian woman who uses tumeric face masks regularly is Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai. She is known for her natural beauty and is considered one of the most good looking woman in the world!

It is no surprise then that traditionally Indian brides use tumeric face masks the day before their wedding to brighten their skin.

The ingredients used in the Indian Bridal Face Mask are chickpea flour, tumeric powder and almond oil. The chickpea flour acts as an oil absorbent, turmeric is good because it is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic (very good for acne-prone skin) and almond oil is wonderful for moisturing.

Indian Bridal Face Mask for Radiant Skin:

1 cup of chickpea flour
3 tablespoons of tumeric (powdered form)
Almond Oil (enough to form paste)

Directions for Use:

Mix all the ingredients into a bowl. Apply all over the face and the body, and then let set for a few minutes. You may leave it on longer if you please. The remove by rubbing off the paste with your hands. The rubbing will help to exfoliate - it actually helps to remove baby (fine) facial hair. Then wash off the rest of the paste.

You will end up with baby soft skin!


If you do not usually apply face masks, then you should plan on beginning a pre-wedding beauty regime at least two months before your wedding day. This is ensure that you will see the benefits of the ingredients used in the Indian Bridal Face Mask. After all, Rome was't built in a day. If you have not been taking care of your skin, applying the Indian Bridal Face Mask one day before your weddding will not suddenly and miraculously alter your skin!

Indian Brides Looking their Best
And This is Why You Should Begin Your
Pre-Wedding Bridal Beauty Regime Today!

So like all things in wedding planning, you should plan ahead in creating a pre-wedding beauty regime so that you will look your best on the big day :)

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