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Bridal Style | Indian Inspired Wedding Dresses

Indian Inspired Wedding Dresses

Indian brides tend to wear a saree or lengha in a traditional Indian wedding. The common color in fashion for bridal wear was usually red, which signified the passion, and future of the marriage.

In today’s Indian weddings, the bride has a lot more options available to her. She can wear her bridal saree in a variety of styles. And the fashion in lengha designs have an East-West trend, which has increased its appeal for many young brides. Furthermore, the Indian bride has the option of wearing a range of fashionable colors other than the traditional red.

Today's bridal collection combines a flavor of the east and the west that defines perfection. There is embroidery of pearls, floral beadwork, lush extravagant, net borders with detailed cutwork, there is layering, and even after all that, there is still simplicity, which is what modern Indian brides want in their wedding dress.

White, off-white, gold and pastel colors are very much in fashion. The white on white work gives the Indian inspired wedding dress a western wedding dress feel yet the eastern design makes the wedding dress style exotic.

Here we take a look at some modern Indian inspired wedding dresses with an East and West combination that are in fashion.

Indian Inspired Wedding Dresses

White Silk Wedding Dress With Embroidered Long Dupatta

Off White and Gold Embroidered Indian Insired Wedding Dress

Gold Short Sleeved Lace Fishtail Styled Wedding Dress

Brocade Jacket With Simple Silk Sheath Wedding Dress in Pink

Pakistan - Maria B.'s Bridal Crochet Collection

Pakistan - Maria B.'s Bridal Crochet Collection

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