Thursday, September 18, 2008

Indian Wedding Lehnga Designs

Brides in South Asia typically favor red wedding outfits - sarees or lehngas for their wedding day. The lehnga is a two-piece top and skirt outfit as you will see in the pictures below. It is worn with a long and usually heavily embroidered scarf (dupatta). The bride will place the dupatta over her head.

The vibrant red is also favored in other Eastern cultures such as China. Choosing the red color as a wedding outfit over other colors must be rooted in its various cultural expression for wanting the bride to be the bright center of attraction. As she should be.

Here are some really cool Indian wedding lehnga design ideas. Hopefully you are inspired by these designs, and will use them to design your own wedding lehnga outfit to be the center of attraction.

Red Bridal Lehnga Designs

This is a striking red and gold wedding lehnga. There is elaborate designs on the full skirt that is clearly detailed work.

Shimmering burgundy wedding lehnga with bright silver embroidery and detail work.

This one is really cool. I like the fishtail skirt, and the wide neckline of the top. It is a modern take on the traditional full skirted wedding lehnga. But you need to be in shape to carry this style off well.

Silk wedding lehnga with heavy embroidery and detail work. Exquiste.

This is a Pakistani traditional wedding lehnga. The red has been lighten so that is is a near pink (salmon) colour, which is in fashion.

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